April 25, 2021 | Interview – concert

Curated by Gianfranco Tripodi

As part of the “Platina International Music Festival”, organized by the cultural association Colere Anima in collaboration with the Municipality of Piadena Drizzona, Paolo Rinaldi presented his new album The Art of Polyphony, with an interview-concert by Gianfranco Tripodi.
The evening was an exciting journey from Bach to Dallapiccola passing through Beethoven and Brahms interpreted and explained by the pianist’s mastery stimulated by the shrewd curiosity of President Tripodi. The conversation was thus transformed into an exceptional choral performance: a guide to listening that involved painting and poetry to act as a counterpoint to music, in a spontaneous and decidedly exciting way.

You can read the article at the following link: https://ogliopo.laprovinciacr.it/news/ogliopo/270319/speciale-televisivo-con-il-pianista-paolo-rinaldi.html